Writing Showcase

This week, the writing group was in charge of choosing our favorite writing assignments that were completed last week. For various reasons, we chose the following assignments:

We chose Tyra’s poem about a haiku because we thought it was well written and very creative. She wrote a haiku about how to write a haiku. How creative is that!

You Have Got to be Kidding me

We chose this assignment to showcase next because it had a fun twist to the traditional terms of services. Zae created their own terms of services, listing their own personal conditions. It is a pretty interesting read and we recommend checking it out!

This assignment was written from the perspective of water about pollution. We found it creative and emotive, especially with the wording and phrases the author chose to include their assignment. We highly recommend checking this out!

We also chose this post because we found it very funny. As a parody, the author did a good job putting it together. As readers, we found it entertaining and humorous. Give it a read for a quick laugh!

We chose Ora’s assignment to showcase next because we felt it was written from the heart and very genuine. Even though it was short, it was very thought out. Go give it a read and take a moment to thank your mom!

Congratulations to everyone who had their work showcased this week. You did an amazing job! To everyone else, there is still a chance in being chosen to have your work showcased! Don’t give up and keeping work hard.

If you are interested in completing any of the assignments listed above, please visit the assignment you are interested and look for the # listed alongside the post.

Imported from http://www.ds.cluelesstiff.org/blog/uncategorized/writing-showcase/. Thanks to the Writing Group for putting this together!

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