This is Radio Class can we get that world to listen?

We didn’t do a This Week in ds106 while we were putting together the radio shows because the nature of the process doesn’t really lend itself to a “best of” project. But the finished shows do, so I’ll post them all here:

Distress Signal

SCAR Network Radio Show

30 Minutes With Hannah Woehrle

KLLM Radio Show

Sweet n Sour Radio Show

We’ll start broadcasting the shows tonight on ds106 radio if we can get the station revived in time. If we can’t, I will try to do it through Youtube Live at 8:30 Monday and Tuesday.
This is always my favorite part of ds106. While group work is always a challenge, and even more so in an online class, the collaboration, the sharing of ideas and bouncing them off each other, tends to raise everyone’s game. It also gives people an opportunity to play to their strengths by dividing the labor. And the shared experience helps create community

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