I Don’t Design, I Am Design – Design Week Conclusions

Among all the design projects this week, the following stood out the most:

Jordan did a wonderful job overcoming her struggles with design in her “From Screen to Page” piece. This post was chosen as it really demonstrates her conquering the challenges presented to her and the overall outcome of her final piece. She was able to effectively convey her message through the use of impeccable placement of her slides, speech bubbles, and the authentic comic-book feeling the piece displays. Great job Jordan!

Megan’s “Minimalist Movie Poster” demonstrates a fantastic use of the design principle – minimalism. Through her design, she was able to capture the most symbolized feature of the movie, Now You See Me, and produce an image that is very simple, yet gets the point across. Nicely done Megan!

Lilah’s “2nd Attempt” design assignment is a wonderful example of a minimalistic design. She created a simplistic movie poster for Pocahontas. It is elegantly done and easily understood. Her minimalist movie poster is simple yet still stands out as being Pocahontas. The hair is iconic and the red tribal underneath reminds me of Native Americans. I love it Lilah, awesome job.

Kasey’s “Motivating You” design assignment is cute and clever! She made a motivational poster that I would say is quite motivational, especially if you love cats. She wrapped her superhero into this assignment because the cat’s owner is Weather Woman. A superhero shouldn’t go 24/7 non-stop. They need to a cat nap every now and then. You can’t work your powers to the best of their abilities without sleep. The font on the poster is just like other motivational posters you see. I like that the motivational quote is not all on one line, having half on the top and the rest of the bottom adds to the effect of the quote. I agree with her, the best motivational posters are the ones with cats. Great work Kasey.

Leah’s “strike a pose” (design blitz) was what stood out to me. I think she did a great job (even though she admits to cheating a little bit), the pictures are all clear representations of each concept and her motivations are spot on. Good job Leah.

Alaina’s “The Matrix” assignment was funny, appealing and clever. She put together a comic strip from one of her favorite shows about the characters losing sight of reality after spending too much time online. I think we can all relate somehow! Well done Alaina!

Kelsey’s “Super Tattoo (Week 6)” assignment was really creative and interesting. She took 4 creepy smiling faces and put them together because the creepy smiles help to characterize her hero Jester. I really like that she used something that characterized her hero. I really enjoy that the tattoo is black and white because I think black and white tattoos help show off an artist’s talent when it comes to shading. Great idea Kelsey!
Hannah’s “My Funny Valentine” was awesome because it was really creative and interesting. I liked that instead of redesigning something that’s already been done, Hannah decided to create something that pertains to her relationship. I also really liked it because I could definitely relate… My sleep is super important to me and sleeping is probably one of my favorite things to do, so if I gave up sleep for someone, they’re probably one of the most important people in my life. Great job Hannah! Definitely a funny valentine, but there’s definitely a lot of truth to it too!


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