Can You Hear What I See? – Cosmic Giltra

Have you ever closed your eyes while watching television? Or perhaps, you are like me and have a show tuned on while in another room just out of eyesight?

In the virtual classroom, we mimicked that experience with a few minor differences. If we missed something or were unable to decipher what was happening based on sound alone, we didn’t have the convenience of popping our heads around the corner and rewinding the scene. We did, however have the ability to confere with other audience members via twitter.

This was not my first live-tweet, not do I think it will be my last. I love live-tweeting show season finales, juicy reality shows, and important political addresses. It’s a fun way to invite thousands of strangers into your living room to shout opinions, feelings, and thoughts about the same stuff you find interesting.

For this live-tweet, we were listening to Jessica Jones, a network television show. I tweeting up a storm that really discussed my amazement and thoughts about the process of listening rather than viewing.

I also enjoyed being able to engage fellow listeners when I had questions, as well as answers.

Overall, it was a great way to spend a hour, and I’m really glad the chosen show was so interesting. As a fellow classmate stated:


Source: Can You Hear What I See? – Cosmic Giltra