Melinda J. Mogensen the Hero

Morph Shadow was born Melinda J. Mogensen, a shy, smart, and quiet girl who grew up with her loving parents in New England. She had few friends as she was quiet, but had a best friend just next door named Sophia Fuerst.  Sophia and Melinda did everything together until she was ten years old.

At age ten, Melinda’s parents had a date night while Melinda spent the night at Sophia’s house. However, upon leaving dinner, Melinda’s parents encountered a drunk driver who caused a fatal accident for her parents as well as himself. Melinda was heartbroken, as she had no other relatives willing to take her in, and she was sent to foster care. Melinda was in and out of foster care, missing her parents and best friend Sophia, whom she lost contact with as moving from home to home proved a burden on their relationship. Despite all the bad in life, Melinda worked hard in school, becoming a top student in her class, trying to make something out of herself. On her 17th birthday, her foster parents told her that she would inherit her parents’ money at age 18, which was to be used for her to continue her education.

Melinda did not know what to think of this. She had no idea what she wanted to do with her life but knew she was different from others. From as early as she could remember, Melinda was able to hear others thoughts, disappear in the shadows, and even fly. She always kept her powers to herself as she did not want anyone thinking she was insane. Did she want to hide her powers forever, or did she want to use them for good?

Come her 18th birthday, Melinda had decided that she would attend the University of Mary Washington where she would pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. Melinda thought it would be too risky to ever reveal her powers to anyone, so she decided the next best thing would joining the law enforcement field.

Melinda had an easy time at UMW, as she made many friends and was highly involved, until now, in her senior year. The first week of classes, Melinda met a freshman named Janice. Something about her struck her as odd. Though Melinda had not used her powers since she decided to leave them behind for college, she dipped back into them and read Janice’s thoughts. She could read that Janice had evil plans and was powerful. Did this mean Melinda would need to pull out her mask and use her powers and save the UMW population from Janice’s evil plan as Morph Shadow? Or was she reading too far into things?

Source: Melinda J. Mogensen the Hero